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In order to fully utilize this codebase, you will need to have a basic understanding of what an XBee is, what it is designed to do, and what hardware options are available.  These topics are already well documented in many places, a few of which are linked here.  Please let us know when you find helpful online resources that we can link here.

Digi's XBee home page. This is resource central, and has been reorganized fairly recently to make it easier to wade the the many hardware options available that fall under the XBee product name.  All XBee product manuals and datasheets can be found here.
Zigbee Wireless Standard basics Digi also has a learning center, which has a page describing what the Zigbee wireless standard is.  Digi's implementation of the Zigbee standard is what the majority of this project is all about.
Adafruit XBee configuration How to configure two 802.15.4 (Series 1) XBees using X-CTU
SparkFun XBee tutorial  A great introduction with lots of linked material.
Building Wireless Sensor Networks A great O'Reilly book by Rob Faludi. Available at Amazon.


More documentation on the way...

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